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  1. How can we ask to have this be considered? WSL will soon be out of beta, and power users will increasingly rely on that environment for their work.
  2. I will leave pre-release on then - I can spend the 30 minutes to find a workaround/disable ESET if something bad happens. However, I don't understand the 2nd part of your quote. 2 posts earlier you said we can currently NOT go back to the release version until something else is fixed. Do you mean that we *normally* can go back, but right now you have another bug that prevents that from working?
  3. For keeping pre-release updates on, what is your definition of a non-production machine? I'm using my PC daily ... is that a production machine? What is the risk of keeping pre-releases on?
  4. I installed a clean Windows 10 Pro (1703) and ESET Smart Security today, and I'm seeing the same problem :-(
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