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  1. Didn't even have to use pre release, I got the new module dated today and I can confirm that so far, no bug ! Let's hope everything is fixed
  2. Not sure, update is getting released by waves as I understood from @Marcos, so not sure a new install will update to newer module, or is it now packaged in the installer ?
  3. Then Marcos should comment on this as it seems that it's not 100% module related only. It's a combination of things apparently...
  4. Eset said beginning of next week, which starts tomorrow. Other than that, no idea.
  5. Thank you but you didn't answer the question: how to continue receiving update while being on the previous module version ? The only workaround right now is to use previous version of the module, so telling me to wait next week for the pre release channel to get the fix is not really helping right now (although it will help next week)...
  6. Same bug... this is EXTREMELY annoying clicking 100 times the freaking prompts. Hope this is solved soon ! I used the rollback to previous modules and now definition update is locked, is there a way to rollback only specific module to previous version while keeping all the rest to current version (including definition updates) ?
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