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  1. Hi, I've recently noticed that NOD32 apparently no longer contains an EXPORT option in the Web Access Protection section. Over the last decade, I've compiled very extensive lists of nasty URLs to block, and now I see no way to export my updated list that resides in the antivirus. Please tell me how I can do this, or that I can't and will be forced to discontinue use of ESET products in favor of an antivirus solution that doesn't remove necessary functionality without notice. Thanks, Steve
  2. I don't have to worry about those things too much, as I am always aware of what I'm doing on the net. I also consistently modify/update both my hosts file and the NOD32 Blocked Website rules to the point where only the newest malware domains end up being accessible. And I am able to avoid what's not blocked because I'm smart that way. ;-) The bottom line is, the interface blows and is far too complex (one example being the domain filtering section - there are like 5 windows to open and close in order to add a site to the list, and it is difficult to navigate because everything is in such a small font size and arranged in a non-intuitive fashion). In addition to that, the AV rankings - whether bogus or not - affect how people feel about the product. And when I am attempting to turn an IT customer on to an ESET product only to get an argument from them in response that ESET is nowhere to be found in the top 10 AV rankings, or is at most near the bottom of the list, it makes my job more difficult. Time is money, and I don't want to have to explain the realities of AV ranking websites to every single customer. ESET should just pay the damn advertising fees and get themselves ranked higher - end of story. As for the non-user friendly Advanced Settings section of the interface, it should be designed so that an IT person can guide a lay person through it over the phone verbally, in such a way that the lay person can effectively change anything that needs to be changed within that interface in a timely manner. As it is right now, it is nearly impossible to do that in any time frame at all, much less a short one. The latest interface is my biggest pet peeve.
  3. Well, I for one feel that ESET's products are too expensive, considering that they haven't even made it into the top 3 most effective AVs in at least 4 years or more. ESET products used to be ideal for anyone looking for the best AV with the smallest system footprint; Anymore, ESET bogs down a Windows system just as bad as AVG or any of the others. Not too noticeable on today's =>4 core CPU/multi-GB RAM machines, but still an unfortunate fact nonetheless. On top of that, the interface just blows anymore. I use V5 and refuse to upgrade beyond it, as it's the last version with an interface that's not like a puzzle or maze to use. I've also managed to modify the upgrade executable code so that it no longer loads upon request. :-) I won't share my methodology here, as ESET obviously doesn't want that given out. But I do want to put my 2 cents in about the interface that's gotten incrementally more annoying ever since it first replaced the original, non-user friendly interface from v2. Add to that the fact that NOD32 no longer wins any contest for anything at all and you've lost a formerly paying customer. I'm hopeful about the Feb 23 post here regarding ESET considering an upgrade nag disable option. If that happens, I'll consider renewing my subscription.
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