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  1. I found that one but assume this was not the control I was looking for because I had it already set to off.
  2. I just wanted to know if there's simple switch somewhere in the GUI preferences to turn off this entire class of messages, as I could not find that on Google or in the documentation. Investigating this has already costed me some time, so I can't afford to waste much more of it having to relay feedback to specific branches of your company. I'd assume since you are part of the company, you should be able to do so. If there's no OFF switch, then I just hope it won't happen again, and if it does, I'll just look for an alternative to EIS.
  3. It certainly is inappropriate to me, as it classifies as spam, by following criteria: 1. I as a user have never consciously opted in to receive this specific kind of messages. 2. The message doesn't contain any clear mechanism or direction to disable this class of messages. 3. It is presented in an interruptive way (3rd party desktop overlay notification implementation, which bypasses Windows' notification system and therefore also Windows' do not disturb system designed to prevent notification interruptions during high concentration tasks). This meets the standard criteria of spam; e.g. receiving a class of messages user has not opted in for while providing no clear way of unsubscribing. For me, this alone is a reason to switch AV software, as I value my focus during my work and having non important stuff pop up as desktop overlay over the software I am using is unacceptable. This one has ruined a tutorial video I was recording. A proper antivirus software at a paid license tier should never ever interrupt user unless there's something important or critical. I consider the ideal AV software to be the one you can forget about most of the time and never see unless there's an issue or a threat. EIS was relatively good at it up until now.
  4. Hello, I just noticed very inappropriate spam notification from EIS overlaying desktop. Furthermore, this spam seems to be displayed in a wrong language compared to main GUI: How do I make sure this never ever happens again? If there's no way to prevent this, I will have to consider switching antivirus solution. Thank you in advance.
  5. Just the webcam one is the one I've noticed. It's a third time in a week I had to disabled the notification checkbox as it spontaneously turned itself back on.
  6. So I have to get back to this thread. Apparently EIS updates tend to reset that notify checkbox back to enabled every once in a while, so I have to keep going back to preferences and uncheck it all the time
  7. Thanks, this is sufficient solution. I had no idea that option to turn off notification per exclusion is there. They are usually dug too deep in the overcomplicated setup section so I almost never find these, and if I ever find anything useful, I tend to forget where it was within a week...
  8. I am owner of the Oculus Rift S VR headset which EIS for some weird reason considers to be a webcam, probably due to the presence of inside out tracking cameras. Rift S software automatically wakes up headset on the slightest motion to start tracking in case user would want to put headset on and start using it. This is so sensitive that the tracking is woken up even if I just slightly bump into my table, so I see this notification roughly 20 times a day, which is very irritating: First problem is that this notification should not even show up. Rift S should not be considered a webcam. The bigger problem here is that the "Disable Notifications" is extremely ambiguous. Does it mean disabling all the notifications (that would be very dangerous) or just the notification of this category (Webcam access allowed). The user interface needs improvements in this area, because user needs to be clearly aware of what the implications of these options are. I myself don't know if Disable notification disables all the notifications, therefore I would not be notified about an actual threats.
  9. I have sent the logs as requested and received no response. So I guess I've wasted even more of my time...
  10. I tried disabling HIPS and did not help. So far the only success aside from removing EIS completely was renaming those driver folders and files in safe mode and then killing all the ESET related processes. At this point, troubleshooting this has wasted me a lot more time than the price of my ESET licence, if I convert that time to money. I will have to look for other, more professional security solutions that do not reduce other software performance.
  11. I am running i7 5930k with GTX1080Ti (with latest version of creator ready drivers) and 64GB DDR4 RAM. The system as well as the 3ds Max installation are on Samsung 960 EVO NVME SSD drive. Computer specs are certainly not a bottleneck here. I have checked the links you are provided, but it appears that neither the GUI setting nor the admin console are available in EIS version.
  12. I have tried the procedure, and it did not help. However, I found out what does: While the files were renamed and I.S. was inactive, I was able to shut down eguiProxy.exe and egui.exe processes. Once those were killed, the UI performance of 3dsMax was good. Not only that, but even Windows 10 window and start menu animations were completely smooth instead of a bit stuttery as usual. I did one more restart to verify it. As long as egui.exe and/or eguiProxy.exe are running, UI performance of many of the other pieces of software I run including windows it self is degraded.
  13. No, not at all. Especially not in 2016 version that doesn't use Qt yet. WinAPI UI framework has no GPU acceleration. Never did. Also, even if that was the case, which it isn't, there would be no reason for ESET I.S. to affect its performance.
  14. This is completely unrelated. The article talks about GPU accelerated rendering. My issue is about speed of drawing of WinAPI UI elements.
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