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  1. Thanks so much Peter. Now will this beta version report into the ESET Protect Server? I assume I will have to separately install the agent? Cheers!
  2. Hi guys, I have a client who is running Eset at their business and having a heck of a time removing this. It is pretty nasty. It bogs down the cpu pretty bad so difficult to get to really work on it. However it is running processes shown in the pic attached. Any words of wisdom for removal on this bad boy? Thanks as always!
  3. Thanks so much Marcos, cheers! Let me know if you need beta testers when the time comes.
  4. Hi guys, Can we please get some responses to the questions asked in this thread? Thank you! https://forum.eset.com/topic/885-web-console-in-version-2/
  5. Hi folks. I'd like to bump this topic and with good reason. I just installed the new version today on my Moto X. Its running ok so far, but there are some things lacking. Like a web console to find/locate a missing/stolen device. Where do you stand on this? How about a siren to chirp or scream as other Android AV manufacturers have? I know this will hugely benefit your product and the Android Community as a whole. Can we please get a reply from Marcos or the Android Devs who work for Eset on where you stand with this? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, I am at a client site today. They are running Symantec ugh. In any event, do you happen to have a removal tool for this? hxxp://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2010-122014-2239-99 Thanks!
  7. Thanks Janus, appreciate your backup! Hi dwomack! Thanks for the response. I hope that this can be achieved within a reasonable timeframe. If I had beta tested your existing product I would have been like stop the presses! You must have this in your program! Or something like that. Appreciate the response once again. Hope that when the time comes, if you would like, feel free to hit me up for beta testing! Cheers! Trooper
  8. Hi guys, Guess I am starting off this area with a first post. This is Trooper from Wilders Security Forums by the way. Thanks for informing us in a timely manner about the move away from Wilders. My question is a quick one. Currently, Eset Mobile Security only uses SMS commands to locate a lost or stolen device. (I am speaking about the Android version), not sure how other mobile OS function with your product. Anyway, this can be cumbersome and also a bit frustrating, since normally I am not next to or near the friends and family members who are authorized to send the SMS locate command. I am curious if you plan to move to a web based interface to send locate and lock commands via a web browser as some other av vendors products operate which are also on the play store. Second, I also find it cumbersome to be prompted for all of the passwords just navigating through the software. Can something be done to mitigate this? Maybe just add one master password? Thanks.
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