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  1. Windows 10 Pro 64bit. I have completely deactivated UAC (User Account Control) in my system
  2. Hello have problems with the firewall. I set the inactive mode. When I am asked to allow or not allow, I get the message "Firewall rule could not be created". This message appears often. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.
  3. I do this all the time. The message is not bad, but annoying
  4. I have a little problem. I always get the message "Your computer is protected" even though I did not scan it at all. Can this message be turned off? Anybody got an idea? Thanks
  5. Hi guys I'm still going crazy 🙂 If I have set the interactive mode and allow or forbid a rule, the firewall asks for the same program again and again despite the rule. Is there a setting that the Windows own processes are always allowed without the firewall asking a thousand times for always the same program? Thank you
  6. After I switched the network to home network, everything works again. Thank you very much for your help
  7. No, when the firewall is turned off, everything works. Just don't understand that there is no internet connection in car or rule based mode.
  8. I installed the EIS. Firewall automatic mode and no internet connection anymore. Somebody knows the problem (WIndows10 64Bit)
  9. Thanks, but it's not a beta version, is it? When will v12 be released?
  10. Is this the 2019 version?
  11. XML file cannot be exported, EIS works and works and xml is not exported
  12. Why this window comes by the start?? It´s new , Someone an idea? thank you in advance!!
  13. Ok, was the wrong topic, but what can I do, when comes an update for the firewall?
  14. Runs no longer good, always polling the firewall even though rules are created. It's no fun anymore, the error is long known but nothing happens!
  15. The update of the firewall preview is ok, no problems. When can I return to Official Update Mode?
  16. Can I return to normal mode after the test mode when the new modules are loaded?
  17. @cyberhash , Okay I have the LiveInstaller over it run with the Metro Apps come again the constant questions! The rules were adopted by the 10.390 From the 10.390 I could not get any programupdate nothing was displayed
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