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  1. Thank you very much. Also everytime i ask a question here on forum it is anwered by a experienced member or a Administrator/Moderator within few minutes. This is awesome keep it up never seen that in any other forum.
  2. Hello, im still using ESET Internet Security on my Windows 10 Home PC and i saw a process "eguiProxy.exe" that is there all the time in TaskMgr. I maybe was blind before but ive never seen that process until today. I have my normal "egui.exe" running when i open ESET and always "ekrn.exe" which is the ESET Service. But "eguiProxy.exe" is new for me. Am i blind and was it there all the time or is this new ? And what does that mean thats confusing for me because i dont use a proxy and i never have been. I dont know a lot about that stuff would be awesome if u can give me some informati
  3. I see where you coming from. The dev team of AdGuard said its compatible with most of security software and also it worrks fine with ESET. I read it somewhere. Good that i asked here again. I think i just stick with my browser extensions then if its not fully compatible If u dont mind can u explain me what the problem is in the technical point of view? I dont understand it really.
  4. Thank you for the answer. Thats good to know. I will try to find the posts u mentioned to get a little bit more info what the problems are.
  5. Hello, can i run AdGuard Windows App without any problems alongside ESET Internet Security ? Would like to test AdGuard out instead of normal browser AddOns. Does anyone here has experience with this application and ESET together ? AdGuard has a few features ESET has too. Like HTTPS filtering and AdGuard uses his own cert for this (which ESET does too) and browsing security looking like for malware and phishing and so on. So if AdGuard does few of the things ESET does too they both are in the way of each other and can cause problems right ? Is it enough to disable certain features i
  6. Does that mean if ESET is already running (without any new custom made HIPs rules) on my computer and somehow a executable manages to run code to add a rule to Windows Firewall does that traffic is allowed or not ?` And thank you for the explanation. Do u or anyone else know what exactly is changed in terms of security and settings (allowed and denied connections) between public and private network? Because i always used public network profile for my home connection.
  7. Hello, im using ESET Internet Security and i checked the firewall settings and found this "Also evaluate rules from Windows Firewall" In automatic mode, allow also incoming traffic allowed by rules from Windows Firewall, unless explicitly blocked by ESET rules. so i was wondering if this is a potential flaw because i recently saw videos of malware tests with only Windows Firewall/Defender where it would successfully execute code that adds a lot of different rules to the Windows Firewall and downaload a bunch other stuff. If ESET allows everything that is allowed through a rule i
  8. Thank you for your reply. Im sure thats an option but i would like to know more about this option and can i disable it ? What are ARP requests and is it important to allow response to them ? When i dont need to respond to the ARP requests and it wont cause any problems on my public network why shoud i leave it enabled ? Im sure there is a reason why this option is available Best regards
  9. Hello, "Allow response to ARP requests from outside the Trusted zone" i would like to know if i can disable that option or should i leave it enabled ? Im adjusting all my settings right now. I thought its a good idea to disable that option to improve security but im not sure if it can cause problems on my computer or with my internet connection. My network typ is "Public Network" in Windows. Does that mean there is no trusted Zone.. can in cause problems for me to disable that option on public network typ ? Best regards
  10. Hey, i would like to ask if i can use NOD32 AntiVirus + Zemana AntiMalware Premium (also with real-time protection) without any interference ? Thanks in advance ---
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