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  1. Hi, finally got it work it working, we added ' eset.mydomain.com' to the hosts file of each client. being the Hyper-V ip and eset.mydomain.com the host name. Probably not the correct way to do things but it works
  2. Where on the Protect server or client machine? As it does not exist on the client machine, and the server is the Hyper V virtual appliance.
  3. Hi all, we are testing Eset Protect Virtual Appliance in Hyper-V v8.0.2216.0, got it up and running connected to 2012 r2 domain, created the installers with Managment Agent (8.0.1238.0) installed ok on Windows 10 clients, but they never show in Lost and Found on the web dashboard. Can't find any info on first run set up etc, can you help? Thanks
  4. Not even the Eset admins wade in after 24 hours?
  5. Where should I be putting the servers? under 'Additional DNSBL servers' or 'Additional RBL servers' ? I am using zen.spamhaus.org bl.spamcop.net psbl.surriel.com b.barracudacentral.org Currently they are in both, is this right?
  6. Oh ok, so the senders ip was yet the messages get through?
  7. The from address was contact@candidconcepts.com which traces to a UK ip, I have reported to the abuse address, is there anything else I can do?
  8. How up to date are the ip lists used? We block China but still get email from there, this ip sent 12 emails last night and it traces back to China.
  9. Ah so the list is external not downloaded right? so it's a lookup like a DNSBL?
  10. Yes but each country block list contains every IP address allocated to that country, so that's a lot of IP addresses! This is my concern, total IPv4 addresses = 232 or 4294967296, total allocated to the UK is approx 70 million according to Ofcom, so would blocking 98.4% of all IPv4 address affect performance? I don't want to just go for it and see what happens on a production mail server.
  11. Is there any limit or recommended limit for the number of countries that can be blocked? If I ticked them all except one for example would this slow down mail flow?
  12. Obviously I am an idiot, could you explain exactly what you need? I have paid for a license I cannot use!
  13. I enter "C:\emsx_nt64_enu.msi /lvx* install.log" in the run menu, nothing happens?
  14. Hi all, we are running SBS 2008 x64 with ex2007, I have downloaded Version: 6.5.10011.0, when I double click the file nothing happens, I disabled UAC, I have also tried running from a command prompt with "msiexec /a emsx_nt64_enu.msi" and all I get after a few seconds is as the attached screenshot but nothing is installed. Any ideas? Thanks all
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