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  1. Description: [New Feature] Firewall rules last triggered/used Detail: [Context : using Firewall in interactive mode] Keep the last date time a firewall rules has been triggered, and display it in the rules list window, to be able to sort by this date. Why ? Because during the computere/Windows 'life, program are installed, uninstalled, moved, and many rules become obsolete and useless. And this is more visible with windows 10 store because each new software version is a new exe and so a new rule. If we can find easily old and not triggered rules since a while, we could delete them to clean up the rules list (and probably improve speed of FW). In addition, a new related feature Description: [New Feature] Delete automatically FW rules if not triggered for XX days Detail: [Context : using Firewall in interactive mode] . Add a configuration in the FW that can be activate and set the number of days before delete automatically a rule not triggered - Enable auto-cleanup rules : True/False - [If enabled] Delete rules if not triggered after [ 90 ] days Thank you
  2. I had exactly the same error. Check your product version. If you are in 10.0, uninstall and download the latest version on eset website. (should be 10.1)
  3. I just ended my session with the eset support. My software was not up to date : I was in version 10.0 and I didn't receive the update by the search product update button because there was a bug in this version. We uninstalled then installed the new version (10.1.x.x). The issues seems now fixed : If I open eset at startup, I can see the 3 red FW issue becoming green in some seconds. I'll continue to monitor it and see if the issue is really fixed If it can help
  4. In my case, I just tried and the FW seems functionnal (even with non functionnal message). But I'm starting to think like you Guided, but I first opened a ticket to the eset support, hoping for a solution to this issue..
  5. If I call them "Beta updates" it's because it their name in the software : So if you were talking about this update configuration as "pre-release", when I set this settings, the "product version" dit not change, only the virus database version (even if I click search update under product version) : So are you saying that the update of the virus database I got was including module update ? About the test you suggest, I will try it next time.
  6. Still the same with beta update, but it didn't update product, only virus database. Is it that you called pre-release update or another thing ?
  7. I'm not in Creator Update yet, and i'm in eset regular update. I will try beta update.
  8. It cames back with the same problem and it begins to be very annoying. I won't clean all my rules again and again ......... @Marcos I will send you logs (when I can reproduce it), hoping you (eset) will be able to find a solution quickly, because I won't pay for an always disabled FW Edit : When I restart it's not bugging anytimes, and I won't stay in advaced debugging all time. Can I Enable it when it's done, try to only stop/start FW in settings and exports logs (without restarting PC) ?
  9. Did you try to delete all your rules, set mode to auto and then restart ? (it worked for me) Then I switched back to interactive and began to recreate my rules.
  10. I was in interactive mode with about 300 rules I just deleted all my rules and put firewall in automatic mode then restart ==> FW was up and seems OK Then i put in learning rule to create basic rules ==> FW still up and OK Then i restarted and put FW in interactive mode again. Everything looks good for the moment, I will let you know if it changes. If not, maybe it was because some of my rules ?
  11. Hello, i have exactly the same problem ! I was looking at the KB for ESS9 (hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5824/?viewlocale=en_US) but I don't find any driver " epfwlwf " so maybe not applicable to ESS10 ?
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