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  1. Description: [New Feature] Firewall rules last triggered/used Detail: [Context : using Firewall in interactive mode] Keep the last date time a firewall rules has been triggered, and display it in the rules list window, to be able to sort by this date. Why ? Because during the computere/Windows 'life, program are installed, uninstalled, moved, and many rules become obsolete and useless. And this is more visible with windows 10 store because each new software version is a new exe and so a new rule. If we can find easily old and not triggered rules since a while, we could delete them to clean up the rules list (and probably improve speed of FW). In addition, a new related feature Description: [New Feature] Delete automatically FW rules if not triggered for XX days Detail: [Context : using Firewall in interactive mode] . Add a configuration in the FW that can be activate and set the number of days before delete automatically a rule not triggered - Enable auto-cleanup rules : True/False - [If enabled] Delete rules if not triggered after [ 90 ] days Thank you
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