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  1. Hi Folks, good news, at least for me. Issue solved. I just tried to uninstall Smart Security where a window saying "collecting data" appeared during the uninstall process. Nothing weird so far, nevertheless I noted that it took too long to finish the step. So I saw that my connected external USB hard drive was being continously accessed indicating that SS is "collecting data/info" in there, maybe. What the hell is SS collecting on external drive to finish the uninstall process?!. So I decided to abort the whole procedure by clicking Cancel in which SS after a coupled minutes doesn't responded anymore. So I pulled off the cable from the usb port while hard drive was blinking. Suddenly, the uninstall process took back its course and aborted the uninstall. I then run the SS again and voilà! I got it back working again AND without the annoying red warning on the GUI -- the PC also got its performance back. So what I can conclude so far is that in my case the external drive got stuck somehow and interfered SS from functioning properly.
  2. All these issues posted here in this topic happens to me either. Just want to state that I'm still using windows 7. Hope for an solution from Eset soon.
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