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  1. I have the ESMC 7 and I configured syslog server as the link https://support.eset.com/en/export-logs-to-syslog-server-from-eset-remote-administrator-63-and-later, but it is not working. I found in this forum that it was a bug. Do you have any prediction of when it will be corrected?
  2. Hi Marcos, you're right. Excuse me. In the URL, instead of writing hxxp:// I wrote erroneously hxxp:// So, it's a false positive. Thank you for your attention.
  3. Hi Marcos, thanks for your answer. Yes, the antivirus is updated: Eset reports viruses when I access the page: By consulting the Virustotal, in addition to Eset, other antiviruses also accuse viruses: I await your return. Thanks
  4. The antivirus is reporting phishing in the URL hxxp://notebookdell.com/comprar . Where can I submit the analysis request? I sent them to samples@eset-la.com but they return the information to me that has no attachment. In fact it does not. I just want that they analyze whether the phishing information in the URL is false positive or not. Thanks.
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