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  1. +1 for an easier access to gamer mode. Thanks for your solution, but there are many situations where games do not run full screen. Not only with 'windowed' games, but also such as in my situation - as a VR user. As VR becomes more popular this may become more of a problem. Even better would be the option to specify executable that are considered games. Then we could load our games into that list and ESET wouldn't need to 'guess' whether a full windowed app is a game or not as it'd know.
  2. Description: Startup Monitor Detail: Monitor the registry, Startup folder, Services, and anywhere else where a program may try to attach itself to 'start on windows startup' and then run a function if it detects any changes. The options for configuration could be: - Allow All - Warn and Confirm - Block All (Without confirmation)... This way a user could decide whether they want to allow a program to be added to the Windows Startup. There are tonnes of various programs that try to add themselves to the Windows Startup list without asking the user first. And then there is of course malicious software as well. I have been using a small custom application to notify me everytime a program attempts to add itself to windows startup - but think that this would be a wonderful feature to include as part of Esets security features.
  3. Hi Arakasi, In regards to the network with all clients connected I'm assuming you mean using RA? We do have some clients with 3 or 4 computers on a network and if there was another way to solve us having to connect to each computer (considering we're remote connecting in to do this) - if there was another way we'd be happy to observe it. Personally, I would love to have all my clients running EES and connecting back to a centralised RA server, but of course there would be licensing issues, etc.
  4. Hi Arakasi, Thanks very much for your reply. Most clients are (or will be) running version 7 shortly or Eset Smart Security. I've just exported the settings which gives me everything. I'm guessing that just by deleting all the non-relevant stuff it will only import and 'merge' with the users current settings? Can't believe I missed this. (I've been looking in the advanced setup tree). Much easier to find in the simplified GUI
  5. Hi, We have a situation where we are supporting many clients where we need to configure the same firewall settings on all these computers. Since all these computers are owned by individual clients RA isn't an option. What I was wondering, short of manually going into each clients computers and going through step by step to change the firewall rules, is there a way that we can do a bulk config update? (In the way that we could add/alter a registry entry in Windows by getting them to run a .reg file - but for eset). I thought of copying the cfg file, but that wouldn't work because they all have unique usernames and passwords, plus it may upset other customised options they may have set. Does anyone have any ideas how to best approach this situation? Thanks & regards Adam.
  6. Thanks. There is an 'exclusive' mode, which kind of does what you're talking about, not sure how Eset see's that, but I could try. Problem is that you can't boot Eset into exclusive mode by default, and would need to select it manually each time, so not much different to manually assigning gaming mode on Eset. ;-) Thanks for the suggestion - it's not a big issue, I was just wondering if there was something I missed, which appears not to be the case. Would be a handy feature though.
  7. Hi, I'm running ESS 7. I notice when I launch VMWare in full screen (on my 2nd monitor) that eset automatically switches into Gaming Mode. I can see that this must be related to the setting 'Enable Gamer Mode when running applications in full-screen mode automatically', even though it's on a 2nd monitor. At the moment, it would appear as though the only two options I have available are either: - Disable this feature completely, and only have Eset run gamer mode when I manually chose to, or - Have gamer mode run automatically for all games, as well as VMWare instances (or any other full screen apps, such as browsers, etc). I was wondering - is there anywhere where I can disable this function for specific applications (such as VMWare)? I like the idea of gamer mode - but was just wondering if there's more to this than I can see - or if the above are the only two options available to me? Thanks & Regards Adam
  8. Hi Marcos Fantastic - thanks for the feedback and info. Best Regards Adam.
  9. Thanks Marcos I can understand eset getting upset if my application preformed certain suspicious activities, but I don't understand why it's fine when it's uncompressed, but as soon as it's packed then it's a problem. (As from my understanding packing doesn't change the application's functions, just compresses / packs it). As such I would have expected Eset to be upset whether it was packed or not if it was suspicious. I have submitted the file as suggested per those instructions, so will see where we go to from there. Thanks for your help. Adam.
  10. Thanks Evik, It doesn't happen on all files. I've noticed it's a bit hit and miss. Sometimes some of my applications are fine, othertimes they're not. (As per attached). I do notice though that my version is UPX v13_m8 and yours is showing v13_m14 if that is something? (I've downloaded the latest version from their website, or so I thought)? Also - the exe files scan fine in Eset prior to packing, or if they are unpacked, but not while they are packed. FWIF - if I upx iexplorer, it scans fine on my computer too. it seems to be on some applications but not others. Thanks & Regards Adam
  11. Hi, I use upx extensively (a packer for executables to reduce their size), and have noticed that more and more frequently my applications are being detected as a potential threat by the advanced heuristic scanner as a unknown NewHeur_PE virus. (The application is fine until it is packed). I was wondering if there is another packer that works better with Eset, or why simply packing the software is causing this to occur, and what we can do (besides disabling advanced heuristics) to remedy the situation. We're talking multiple clients with many eset installations, so unfortunately it's not efficient to go to every client and have them manually add the effected application(s) to the ignore list. Thanks & Regards Adam.
  12. Probably not the case, but have you checked to see if there are any other antivirus programs running aside Eset. I know, because I had this issue twice this week with two clients. They installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, and it automatically installed McAfee at the same time. Caused some serious performance issues running with Eset. As I said, probably not the case, but thought I'd mention it.
  13. Description: Advanced Antispam / Email Functions with Centralised communication. Detail: The ability to report emails back to a centralised database. Classifying emails as SPAM and adding a new option for PHYSHING. Database updates could be sent out include known current IP addresses of physhing websites, and email addresses of spammers and provided enhanced scanning through combined efforts of reporting, in addition to the already onboard options. (With the ability for users to opt-in or opt-out of the centralised system).
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