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  1. Some updates and more information: We created a sftp-server. A user is able to upload files over sftp. When a file is uploaded to a certain directory, it must be scanned 'on access'. As I mentioned in my previous post, we did a preload for the libeset_pac.so library when the ssh daemon in started. We changed the way we do this. First is was with the environment parameter, now we change ExecStart=/usr/sbin/sshd $OPTIONS into ExecStart=/bin/bash -c "LD_PRELOAD=/opt/eset/esets/lib64/libesets_pac.so /usr/sbin/sshd $OPTIONS" We can see that the library is preloaded: lso
  2. Hi, I am using ESET on a RHEL7 machine. The on demand scan is working. Since the machine is used as an sftp server, I would like to use the on access scan when a new file is added to a specific directory. In the esets.cfg file I specified the action (create) and directory in [pac]. In het sshd.service file, the environment=LD_PRELOAD=.../libesets_pac.so is defined. This environment is loaded for sshd. However, the on access scan seems not te be working according to the stats.onaccess file. I tried to upload the EICAR test file and it's not detected (~ no scan performed).
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