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  1. Interesting Samples

    Personally I like to see such postings which make people aware . The "process" is a hidden one, which can induce a false feeling of security. 0xDEADBEEF , keep up the good work.
  2. Interesting Samples

    On VT this file is being detected by 22 engines; sure enough ESET is NOT one of them.
  3. And we have to believe you , .....why? What is the "Face" value of such statement???? Welcome or not, facts are facts! When you have Avast! (free) , Avira (free) , Bitdefender (free) ,MSE (free) with a higher detection rate than ESET, one may ask why do we have to pay , when the free alternatives offer better protection????
  4. This is not a "made" test to fit MSE, is a test performed by AV comparatives , a reputable company, and all players had the same chance to prove their detection rate. Leaving MSE alone, from Feb to June ,ESET is on 16th place from 21, with 7 antiviruses having 100% detection. As an ESET developer, I fell for you, but the reality is that ESET is no longer what it used to be. Thanks,
  5. And why is that??? Feb to June 2017 .......MSE 98.8% ESET 98.5% June 2017 ...... MSE 100% ESET 98% May 2017 MSE 99.5% ESET 97.7% Apr 2017 MSE 99.3% ESET 98.7% "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
  6. ESET:99.1% MSE: 99.7%
  7. Hi Marcos, I installed NOD 32 , v8.304 and I tried to open :hxxp:// I did not get any reaction from NOD32, the site opened normally. By contrast , when I use Bitdefender Free , I get this (see attachment) Any comments?
  8. Do you have a detection for :hxxp:// The screenshot provided is from March 30, 2017
  9. Maybe OP is right; When I try to access :hxxp://, Bitdefender blocks access to the site; if I insist in going there , the following detection appears (see attachment)
  10. I very much doubt this, as ESET was among a few not detecting this, at that specific time. I am still eager to see a ransomware detected by the dedicated ransomware module from v10.
  11. Detection ratio for this particular ransomware was 35/63. Hard to believe that 35 antivirus solutions have auto backup capabilities. ESET (paid) performed the same as Avast! (free), MSE (free), Kingsoft (free), AVG (free), ....
  12. I do not understand why "exposure" is so important , as long as ESET v10 has DEDICATED ANTIRANSOMWARE module. If ESET still bases its detection on a signature update and waits for the "sample" to be submitted, what's the point of the dedicated antiransomware module?????
  13. ESET NOD 32 V.

    Hi Tom, Totally agree with you! Try to stay with version 8 as long as possible, but there is a constant push to version 10 , as being the best thing since sliced bread....
  14. Question about AVC real-world test

    Show me ONE detection initiated by the Antiransomware module in ESET v10.In the recent ransomware attack, some other modules reacted. I several years of using ESET , I never had an alert initiated by HIPS module In the end of the day, this is the reality: MSE, a free antivirus, scored 100%, better than some paid.