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  1. Eset failed to stop ransomware

    That I understand, but is important to clarify if the user disabled the protection (so, nothing can be done) or the malware itself disabled the protection (so, there is room for improvement)
  2. Eset failed to stop ransomware

    How do you know that " the attacker disabled real-time protection" and to the ransomware itself????
  3. Eset failed to stop ransomware

    This is not the first instance when users complained about "eset failed to stop ransomware" and the question was always the same: "all Eset protections were enabled?" Once enabled (an most likely they were), eset protection should stay and remain enabled; is difficult if not imposible for user to constantly check if "all eset protections are enabled"
  4. All these being said, I can confirm that indeed, the impact on PC performance is minimal (almost zero). Thanks!
  5. For this we have TinyWall, free, which works exactly the same. (enable the firewall's training mode....)
  6. I counted over 115 parameters which can be set up in ESET ; for some of them you click on left buttons, some other on right stars / arrows or checkmarks , some other on a "star" in right lower corner (Advanced setup) or a "tool symbol" in the same corner (More tools). For a consumer product is way too much ; who will set up Threatsense parameters to "no cleaning" in one section and to "strictly cleaning" in another one????? So why asking 5-6 times???? For me is OK, I can handle it , but think about an average consumer.
  7. If you expand the Firewall or HIPS screen, still you have to go and manually expand each and every column in order to be able to read. Also the Log screen.
  8. I am using interactive mode . I see in built-in rules a lot of them about svchost.exe. I thought the built in rules would cover all svchost.exe requests.
  9. BD free offers absolutely the same level of protection as BD paid, but without the associated bloatware, see the attachment.
  10. I am being asked to create some firewall rules for svchost.exe. I thought this are built-in rules.
  11. Installing again ESET internet security ; navigating through 1000's customs setting seems to be extremely convoluted. For each and every setting you need at least 5-6 clicks and I was never able to do it right from first time. certain menus will open "minimized" (firewall) , and you have to maximized and to manually resize all columns in order to make the info visible. even though I set up everything for "no cleaning", certain items were automatically moved to quarantine downgraded it to "antivirus" and try to use a third party firewall, which will complain about "ESET firewall", even though is not present in antivirus version Most likely ESET is doing the job, but the complexity is beyond handling; have you seen the recent BitDefender free??? 3-4 screens with 3-4 buttons, that's it.
  12. Missing ESET offline installers

    So, where are the offline installers? ESET Smart Security v10 has full support. Nod 32 v8, basic support, v9,10 full suport
  13. So, what do I do ; keep I or return it????