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  1. Hi

    Sounds weird but we have a monitoring tool in charge, that scanns all Servers/PCs on a lot of tcp-ports to see if only allowed ports are open (on a daily base).

    This produces a lot of alers in ESET because ESET do not 'like' portscans.

    How can we configure our endpoints to allow portscans from a specific IP without alerting every time?

    We use Eset Endpoint Security 7.2.2055.0 and SMC 7.1.717.0



  2. Hi

    We run Xenapp 6.5 on Win 2008R2. The Citrix Servers are provided with the OS via Citrix-Provisioning Server (One virtual disk for all xenapp Servers).

    All xenapp reboot every night to bring back a stable environment. So, made updates from eset during a day will be lost with the reboot and done again next day.......

    Is there a best practice to implement eset products in such a Environment?

    We update the disk with winupdates etc. every few months and for that eset has to to all the module/av-list updates every day ........incremental from the last date we updated the disk.....

    Hope somebody else has also such an Environment and share with us...





  3. Im Setting up an Offline Repository for Offline/LAN-Agent and -Product-Installation.

    The Mirrortool is downloading now all products and in all languages!!!!! Is that realy nessecary????

    Why can't we descide, which product we only use in our Company and which language?

    This will help a lot in not having a repsitory of >100GB.



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