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  1. One more thing: Can I re-install with the old licence number even though the old PC was running a 32-bit OS and the new one will use 64-bit?
  2. Hello. My old computer crashed a few days ago, the motherboard is dead, the OS cannot be revived. A new computer has been ordered. I have read in other forums that you can transfer your NOD32 licence to a new PC without hassle. But one contributor at Wilders Security Forums says: "Simply uninstall ESET NOD32 from your old pc, and install it on the new pc. You can just use the license you used on the old pc where you uninstalled ESET NOD32." If your old computer is dead, you cannot uninstall ESET NOD32 from it. Can the licence be used on the new machine without uninstalling from the old one? The old motherboard and whatever is on it will never be used. Thanks.
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