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  1. Yes, we too like the explanation from Eset IT Specialist.
  2. Is it repair the MBR will make the Trojan also disappear from Eset detection/notification when log-in Windows 10?
  3. Still load slowing here at Malaysia. Almost 1minute or more
  4. We're having problem with our customer can't remove the Win32/Pitou.J Trojan from the Windows OS (HDD) using Eset Nod32 Antivirus. We also guide the customer using Eset SysRescueLive CD using bootable USB Drive still the Trojan can't be removed (refer attachment name : FAIL CLEAN WITH ESET SYSRESCUELIVE)
  5. Hello, Just want to report that https://my.eset.com/license website now a bit slow to load. Too slow loading now. Previously don't have problem like this.
  6. Refer it from here, sample uploaded to Virus Total : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/be5cf113596f40f6f1b0b3ec5f8d5cfe1a7572926258b32916d55633afe07df5/detection Other reputable Antivirus as below detected it as a Trojan. BitDefender Comodo F-Secure Sophos AV Vipre Microsoft TrendMicro Webroot
  7. Is it False Positive (FP)? Because other reputable Antivirus Engine already detected it and label it under Malware : Trojan.
  8. I've already submit the sample via Eset Nod32 Antivirus program (submit for analysis) many times. But no respon yet from Eset or latest update still don't detect it as a Trojan yet. I can't send the Trojan sample via my Gmail. Gmail rejected it (maybe their Antivirus Scanner detect as a Trojan).
  9. Hi Eset Support Team, To extract use password : "infected" Refer also attachment, sample detected by 31 Antivirus Engine on virustotal.com Note : Every important function such as PUA, Eset LiveGrid Setting, etc is already enabled. But still Eset Nod32 doesn't detected it as a Trojan yet. SAMPLE.zip
  10. TQ Itman for the details & explanation. Yes it's a bad idea to download the cracked software. But it's for the testing purposed only. Some of the users out there, suggest all of the computer users to use the Hard Disk Sentinel (of course pirated one). So I try to download & checkup the pirated/cracked software is it safe or else. And yes the result already told me, it's unsafe. So this kind of result I need to tell the computer users, advising them DO NOT TRYING TO INSTALL the pirated/cracked software on their PC's.
  11. I did not execute it yet. Just scan it with the option above is ON. Anyway don't worry, Antivirus is still made by human being. It have some flaws too. I already submit the sample to Eset. Just waiting for the latest definition
  12. Enable detection of : potentially unwanted applications potentially unsafe applications suspicious applications Done, of course above option was selected itman. I use my Eset Internet Security. Not Smart Security anymore.
  13. The main reason for "Folder Protection" suggestion was to protect our previous/old data that we don't use it frequently. If Eset won't put this functionality soon Avast, Bitdefender will having more customers other than Eset itself.
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