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  1. Hi I have searched the forum, but didn't find an answer to my problem, so I am posting as a separate thread. I bought some software from COREL, and it offered a free version of WinZip 18.5. When I was downloading WinZip (in zip format) from Corel, ESET SS stopped the download, with a popup informing me that it contained variants of some stuff. I turned off protection for 10 mins, and d/l it, then had ESET SS check it again, with the same results. I copied the file to a CD and checked it with other AV's, and they found nothing. I think it is an FP. but I need to send it to ESET for clarifi
  2. @badcompany Read your comments over at Wilders, so I thought I would give my .0002 cents here I am not sure I can answer your question "as stated", but I will try I have not "stopped" using the good doctor, as I still have it on one of my PC's (not with their cloud feature, as that slows down the connection). As this is not a comparison I will not go any further. I also have ESS 7 on three of my PC's and my smartphone, that is the type of trust I have in ESS 7. I have never had an infection (now that I say that, it will hit me .. lol) with either of the suites mentioned. However, while
  3. Has anyone tried to restore/fix their Winsock stack to fix this problem, after removal of ESET? Just asking here Cheers
  4. Hi I have a 3 user license which expires in 2014. Can I renew now for the family pack (3pc's +3 Android for 2 yrs) ? Will I get the balance of my present license added to the 2 years? Thanks Cheers
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