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  1. I'm aware of this option, but that kind of defeats the purpose. If I understand correctly, this feature is supposed to auto-enable if an actual (PowerPoint) presentation is taking place. If I disable it, users might get unwanted ESET popups in front of their slides. As a workaround, I limited presentation mode to 1 hour - but that's no real fix.
  2. @TomasP We have the following issue with presentation mode: all of our users have two displays connected to their computer. Many users choose to run a full-screen Remote Desktop session on one of the two displays - usually all day. This causes ESET's presentation mode to be enabled permanently, although no presentation is taking place and although the main display would be available to view ESET warnings and messages. I think it would make sense to be able to define application exceptions (i.e. have a setting so that a full-screen mstsc.exe does not trigger presentation mode) or to modify presentation in a way that ESET messages are always shown on the screen that is not in full-screen mode in cases where more than one display is connected.
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