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  1. yes, but this one is supported (this where current version 6.5 installed) Windows Server 2008 x64 R2 SP1 X
  2. yep, attached results. install.log setupapi.app.log setupapi.dev.log
  3. Good day we use this manual for upgrade eset support KB6925 at stage - Upgrading database we get this error, what should we check?
  4. good day we have ERA 6 active license with endpoint antivirus and file security licenses until 2019. Can we migrate to V7 Security center? or we need to buy new license?
  5. Finaly solved problem by upgrading 6 ver on ERA server where we have mirror, to v7 and module update failed disappeared. Now everething works fine. This thread helped. Thanks. /topic/14297-modules-update-failed/
  6. we solved problem by creating AOI for srv and pc and no more module failed issue our problem was in agent ver, that was older, eset V7 need last agent ver 6.5.522. Our ver was 6.4.283 this was cause of the issue. Was wrong, issue still exists, will collect logs
  7. we talking about situation where updates successfully downloaded (from activated Eset FileSecurity server) but modules show failed update, this behavior we can see in new v7, and asking what should we do to solve this problem. ERA ver is 6.5.522, should we install V7 security center ( I guess this is new name for ERA) or?
  8. product activated, or else it will not do update from ERA
  9. good day we have same situation, today we installed Eset File Security 7.0.12014 on two 2016 Servers and see error. Modules update failed. Any solutions?
  10. option enable just do nothing, clicked but without result, no error message
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