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  1. No errors - task is executing succefully and server log file is empty also.
  2. Tried with default (AD) and with that "USE LDAP" - same result.
  3. Hello, I did try move and ignore only previously. Did a run with duplicate setting, but nothing changed. Task finished succesfully. Screenshot of task settings attached.
  4. Your product is still screwed up

    Same thing happens for our users at legit local news websites like postimees.ee and ohtuleht.ee
  5. Hello, For some reason unmanaged computers disappeared and are no longer syncing. I tried both AD and LDAP. Get no errors, can browse LDAP tree and so on, task finished succesfully, but no unmanaged computers appear. This could have happened after i created "Delete not connecting computers" task, but even after unmarking "REMOVE UNMANAGED COMPUTERS" setting and restarting the AD sync task and server a couple of times nothing happens. I did found that template to check if the problem is with ad sync or with web console, and there are no unmanaged computers in that report. I am pretty sure that before "delete not connecting computers" task i had unmanaged computers synced and syncronization was working. What can i try?