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  1. Yep, BPS is back to normal after update 73.0.1 x 64 bit Win 7. Thanks Mozilla and ESET...
  2. Restored to Firefox 73. Tried ESET's pre-release update and no go... Will wait for Firefox new release.
  3. OK! It says Firefox 74.0b4 (64-bitars) so I wrongly thought is was beta. Anyway thanks for the suggestion to use the pre-release! Best regards, elle
  4. I'm not much of a beta tester person... but in this case I'll make an exception...and... YAY! Banking & Payment protection works like a charm! Thanks for the info! Much appreciated! Best regards, elle
  5. *bump* Trying hard to find settings for "Network protection troubleshooting"? Could someone show me where to find it? ESET Internet Security Win 7 x64 Thanks and best regards, elle
  6. Don't wanna install on top, I'll just wait and see what Mozilla does...
  7. OK! https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/new-firefox-browser-version-released.361562/page-107 https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/73.0/releasenotes/ Thanks...
  8. Hello! ESET Internet Security Win 7 Firefox 7.3 (x64) Today the Security Tools => Banking & Payment protection stopped working. I only get an empty window and when typing in my bankadress nothing opens. I've added the adresses in Security Tools => Banking & Payment protection => Protected websites and selected => Secured websites I tested the other options like "Ask me" and "Normal browser" but no go. Any advise on this please... I used to work like a charm. Thanks and best regards, elle
  9. That's strange... I get this popup blocking window? Any advise? Can I bypass that popup?
  10. Hello! Thanks for the quick reply! Tried downloading jus now, but no go unless I chose "Ignore and continue". Installing "PowerISO7-x64.exe" doesn't work either. It gets blocked even if I disable ESET completely.
  11. ESET Internet Security Windows 7 This legit site gets blocked by ESET when downloading .exe. https://www.poweriso.com/download.php hxxp://d1v03d3thehoki.cloudfront.net/ume_7j6sgflcv/PowerISO7-x64.exe Managed to download PowerISO v7.6 (64-bit) | Feb 10, 2020 | 6019 KB PowerISO7-x64.exe But ESET blocks the install? URL adress: http:\\rp.powopibobu3.com IP adress: Any help and info on this is much appreciated. Thanks! Best Regards,
  12. Yep! All working fine now, just needed some time to update maybe. Thanks fro your promt replay! Case closed! Best regards PS/ Also got 30% off, we likes that...
  13. Hello! Renewed my ESET Internet Security today when I first got the reminder. Paid for a renewal and got an e-mail with activation code, tried to activate but ESET still says "Your license expire..." Please advise. Best regards
  14. Hello ebill! Thanks for your answer and concern, appreciate it! Best regards
  15. Hello Marcos! I sent you a PM with the link. Best regards
  16. ESET blocking url, how to add a rule/exception. ESET Internet Security Win7 x64 Hello! ESET is blocking a site and I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a rule/exception for ESET to allowing it. Tried various scan site for threats like VirusTotal, Kaspersky VirusDesk, Norton etc. and no issues, threats or malware found. The weird thing is the site worked just fine a few day's ago. Here is what I'm doing, (obviously wrong) because it doesn't work. Open ESET -> F5 -> Web access protection -> URL ADDRESS MANAGEMENT
  17. OK! Thanks to both of you! Problem solved, case closed! Kind regards
  18. Hello! About "Banking & Payment protection" settings. Is there a way to set my bankadress as a startup page? The browser GUI "Banking & Payment protection" is using Firefox. I can't figure out how to do that. Any input is appreciated. Thanks... Kind regards
  19. Thanks ebill! That was spot on! I have no clue though what creates the unused "Home". Computer is a desktop and IP is static. This solution you gave me is good enough for me. Kind regards
  20. Hello! Got a question about the Connected Home Monitor. Tools --> Connected Home Monitor --> Switch to List view --> dropdown menu Why do home adding greyed out home (2) etc.? Just cosmetics I guess but can they be removed or is there some setting to stop them from adding up? Using: ESET Inter Security Windows 7 x64 Kind regards
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