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  1. Thanks for replying marcos, I sent both you and foneil messages just now with the email address used. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, No I don't recall getting an email for the trial activation...but I did get a receipt from Google confirming my purchase. Regarding the email address used..I don't recall using anything but my regular email address, but there could be a small possibility. Everything was done using Google play (downloading, purchasing, etc.). Thanks for the prompt response foneil - it's greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I had 34 days left on my eset mobile security trial period but decided to purchase the 50% off 1year license offer advertised (in app). Suffice to say my Google play account was charged however my license still shows up as a 34 day trial license. I've tried contacting eset via the in app customer service request but I received no response and my ticket was automatically closed. Is this a new strategy by some genius in eset's marketing department? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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