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  1. I did not see a Windows computer using systemd at this date. (As shown in the boot graph I linked)
  2. I did not try other version because I didn't find one, do you have a link? According to this page, the version I have is the latest. https://www.eset.com/fr/business/endpoint-protection/endpoint-antivirus-linux/#tab-533187=2
  3. Hello, using ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Business Edition, ESET loads very late. Here's a graph showing how late ESET starts loading : https://lut.im/dIyZxMO9nf/zD03RPT4WR2DamPa.svg Why doesn't it start loading sooner? Taking full 10 seconds to load is slowing all services from multi-user and graphical targets to load until ESET service has loaded... ESET is using LD_PRELOAD to inject a library, but is this library alone doing anything until ESET service has loaded?
  4. Hello, Are there plans to officially support MariaDB as database backend? For some reasons, some business wishes to avoid oracle products as much as possible. Thanks
  5. Hello, I was surprised ESET didn't prepare anything for users not using KDE's file manager so I created a button for the contextual menu of Caja myself, this should be easily adaptable to Nautilus and Nemo, pull requests are welcome (there's probably nothing to change on the file, and only the path to place the file to correct)