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  1. I don't know what's going on, but every time I try and open Eset on Android, it keeps saying "Permission Denied". Any ideas?
  2. I need a 64bit OS to download and use I don't want to appear rude, but you say Firefox values don't seem to be high, for you and your system they may not be, but for my current OS they're right up there
  3. At the moment I'm still running Win7 32bit, I'm waiting on all the new parts to arrive before I can upgrade to ugh Win10. I love ESET, have used it for many years now, I had the Internet Security, Yesterday I upgraded the new Premium, solely for the login and password protection, as opposed to using Chrome and Firefox to keep my passwords. However I have had to stop 2 Services to do with the password protection by ESET, my Virtual Memory maxed out to 100%, nothing would open, my PC was just hanging. As a rule I have a Firefox and a Chrome browser open, VLC Media Player, and Samsung SideSync open all of the time. Occasionally I might open Discord and I used to play Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, up until Activision made an update that requires a 64bit machine to play it. My CPU never went above 2-3% and my Virtual Memory used to hang under 40%. Since the installation of ESET's new Premium my CPU if going from minimum 22% up to 33%, my Virtual Memory is going from 78% up to 87%. This morning when I got up SideSync had disconnected (runs from my Wi-Fi), not for love nor money would it connect. That's when I started Task Manager my CPU was relatively low, but my Virtual Memory was peaking at 99%. I shut down the browsers and VLC, tried reconnecting SideSync and voila it worked. I reopened the browsers and VLC and took a screen dump of Task Manager. I'm thinking that poor old Win7 just cannot handle the usage of Premium, please note that on the screen dump the the two processes (ESET Password Manager) haven't been restarted.
  4. I purposely didn't add attachments because they have not only my real name, but other information about myself I am not sharing on a PUBLIC FORUM. I ended up contacting play@eset.com. who sorted it out for me.
  5. I paid for premium mobile activation on 29 December 2015. Everything has been working fine, right up until last night, I noticed an ! on my mobile ESET. I went in to the app to see what the problem was, and as you will see by the screenshots, my premium membership is now a TRIAL. I contacted eset.com.au via email initially, I then contacted google support as to why my membership had been changed from premium to trial. They had no answer but assured me I was still covered by the premium membership until 30 December 2016. Since I have paid for premium membership, I then followed up with a phone call to EST Australia, who told me the only thing I had activated was my PC, NOT MY MOBILE. I was also told by the ESET rep I spoke with because I had downloaded the app from google play and not ESET, there was nothing he could do and to contact them. I had contacted google play, and got the above answer, however as you will see by my screenshots the app is telling me I am on a Trial. In the emails I received a copy of the google play receipt for ESET Mobile Security, I didn't receive a Username and Password. I have gone to hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2942/ and followed the prompts, it has said ESET Mobile Security has been successfully activated. Please see attached screen dump. I have restarted my mobile phone, yet it still shows as using the Trial version. I would like this fixed please.
  6. I play on battlenet USEAST and for some reason my login is being hijacked by namely garena. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware didn't find any problems, nor did ESET. So I installed Spyhunter, it found a lot, of what though I don't know it rebooted my PC. It then started to auto run, I shut it down. Then went to uninstall it, but it was no where to be found. Opened regedit deleted all references to it, rebooted, and it is still starting up with Spyhunter
  7. Gday Pete I have tried all modes, just without the reboots, and nothing has changed, I was mainly asking if after I change a mode do I need to reboot
  8. Dumb question, I actually had deleted the rule altogether (Warcraft 3 TFT) and tried it back in Learning Mode, it didnt ask me (ESET) if I wanted to allow or deny the application when I restarted it, should I have rebooted the PC before trying?
  9. Okay I had already started logging for troubleshoot issues., have sent the log file to Tech Support.
  10. Yes I do play the TFT (The Frozen Throne) I don't actually play Warcraft 3 online Have added TFT. Have yet to try it out, will let you know if it worked, I know it was working prior version 6 being released, perhaps the new version did something *shrug*
  11. I play Warcraft 3 NOT WoW, I used to be able to host games. I don't know exactly when I stopped being able to. I have tried adding port range 6111 - 6119, it is telling me it is allowing betwork traffic both In and Out I know my router is setup correctly, because the minute I disabled the firewall in ESET I was able to host. I have run out of ideas. Filtering mode is set to "Automatic mode with Exceptions (User-Definde-Rules) Please help me
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