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  1. I'm not complaining about ESET, I find it to be one of the best AVS's out there and I have been using it for a number of years now. I was asking why of all the years of using ESET and tvmuse together, all of a sudden ESET is blocking me from going to that website starting from my original post in this forum
  2. I use uBlock Origin also, I just turned mine off an tried tvmuse.cc again. It blocked a Domain, but uBlock Origin didn't say what domain it had blocked
  3. I have been an ESET user for many many years now, I used to go tvmuse.com before it got hacked and then became tvmuse.cc. Before I upgraded to Winblows 10 I never had an issue in using tvmuse.cc now I am getting BLOCKED (See attached screen dump The old tvmuse.com I used for years without incident. The site I also used without incident, All I am going to say is WTF ESET???????????
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