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  1. sorry, it was not an antivirus problem- I discovered today.. it happens when I am connected to my customer, using a vpn dial up.. quiting the vpn resolved the problem.. thanks for all info best regards, Guy
  2. thanks for the update yes 64b means a 64 bit version of windows.. : I wanted to provide complete info.. b:bit B:byte K:kilo M:mega G:Giga.... yes, this is the link I followed for disable/enable ssl/tls yes I cleared all history-cookies-cache..... in browser - even re-booted the machine... yes, although I never use microsoft browser, I tried.... same result.. Guy
  3. yes, it worked for me also yesterday, but not today do you think of any reason ? I disabled firewall/internet protection for 10min.. same result .. Guy
  4. since yesterday I have problems with browser to connect to https sites and not all (as this one) : eg whatsapp.com : windows 10 pro 64b - firefox eset : 14.0.22 even whatsapp on laptop can not connect to internet anymore I deactivated in adv. settings ssh - ok - activated again - same result any idea how to resolve this problem best regards, Guy
  5. I have downloaded the iso file for create of rescue disk = ok created the cd as with live creator=ok now trying to boot and getting message mounting /dev/loop on /00_base_squashfs cannot allocate memory and getting the prompt... any possiblility to start the program manually or how to resolve this machine disk is windows 10 pro 64b with 16g memory best regards, Guy przytula
  6. That is what i do. No problem in regular browser. Guy
  7. still the same problem - I have to redo the process different times - and it keep for 1 day at next reboot - same problem and again starting all over again.. can not get to webbanking in secure browser best regards, Guy
  8. thanks for the update NO i am not using any additional soft in this area... the problem started after the intervention as indicated by MARCOS, I could connect before in secure browser.. best regards, Guy
  9. thanks for the update I have done as Marcos indicated - now I can not logon anymore in the browser to webbanking thanks for all help best regards, Guy
  10. I installed est last week on my windows laptop I use thunderbird for mail interface I can not use my mail anymore as it complaints that the security certificate is not correct - can not confirm exception also.. I can not cancel - it returns and not read my mail anymore can this be handled - how ? best regards, Guy Przytula
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