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  1. Marcos, I am not ready to upgrade from Windows 7 or from Nod32 v8. When I finally do this I might go to Windows 10 with Nod32 v10 directly, but I'll make this fresh install in a separate hard drive and see if I can have all my drivers and software, like several video editing and capture software and hardware working flawlessly in this completely new environment, some of my pci-e hdmi capture cards only work on Windows 7. That will take time to setup that I don't have right now, and this stupid popup is ruining my video recording sessions, I can't work with this nuisance.
  2. NeNaKuKu thanks for sharing this, I'll probably try something like this before ditching ESET for good. So sad to see this great company fall from grace after so many years of customer loyalty, multiple licence renewals and recommendations for family and clients. Might be the time to try Kaspersky
  3. Hello, I'm running Nod32 Antivirus 8.0.319.0 and I'm receiving the weekly naggin popup to upgrade to v9 every week still. I tried v9 and didn't like it at all, the interface is simply terrible, it looks like a phone app. I could not import my settings from v8 like blocked urls and such. Now I just want to end this annoying popup that has the audacity to alt tab me out of FULL-SCREEN, this is ridiculous. Of course all the correct options to never install component upgrades and such are already set, but this bypasses all. Please tell me you have a way. Alt tabbing me out of full-screen is absolutely unacceptable.
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