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  1. Good day, I have two Android devices, one is a Vodafone Smart Grand 6 VF-696, running Android 5.1 with Chrome as the default and only browser and a Vodafone Smart Tab 2 3G VFD 1100, running Android 6.0 and also with Chrome as the default and only browser and on both units the Anti-Phishing module of ESET Endpoint Security v tells me Chrome is unsupported. Please note that both devices are stock standard with no rooting or unnecessary apps installed. I have been in contact with ESET in South Africa who keep telling me that there will be an update but they point me to ESET Mobile Security, not the same thing as Endpoint Security. So can anyone advise why the Anti-Phishing module would keep telling me Chrome is not supported and if there will be an update to ESET Endpoint Security that will fix this? Update: Apologies, v is out and the issue is resolved on both devices. Thank you so much.
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