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  1. Did you start the uninstaller while being in windows safe mode? Best
  2. Btw. this site "www.eseteactivation.com" gets blocked by my ESET-AV so I guess it's not legit ;-)
  3. Please delete these files - you just posted your license key on a public forum.
  4. Just follow the instructions to get the order number.
  5. If you entered your Google-Email and the order number and you DON'T get an email I think it would be best if you contact your local ESET tech support. An alternative would be a hard reset of your phone which is not the best solution if you don't have backups.
  6. I got it. did you try the offline version (also on that webpage) Quote: ...
  7. I quote from this article: Did you purchase a license in the first place? If you ordered it via Google Play, you would have to use this email address.
  8. Have you tried every step of this article? https://support.eset.com/kb2949/?locale=en_US
  9. Hello, any update on this? I experienced this on both a Windows XP and a Windows 7 machine - exactly the same behaviour.
  10. Hello, repairing the installation solved this problem - maybe it works for you too.
  11. Hello, thanks for your response! Yes, company data should be secured, so writing on USB-Sticks is already forbidden. The problem with blocking specific program-paths is that (even if the user is not allowed to install software) one could always have a portable version of a cd/dvd-burning tool not currently blocked by device control. At least I know now what's possible and what's not :-)
  12. I couln't find anything on the internet regarding ESET, only this guide by Symantec: https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.TECH104800.html Is this also necessary for ESETs Device Control on Windows 7 (8, 10)? Looking forward to any kind of knowledge regarding this area.
  13. I know, it's been a long time... but has this error been addressed or is it not possible to disallow burning-tools to write on cds/dvds?
  14. I've reproduced this behaviour: on Windows 10 the lockscreen with the integrated "slideshow" , looking like this: the Endpoint Client goes into presentation mode and does NOT update the av-signatures. The ERA flags this client (yellow -> presentation mode enabled) and although ERA shows"virus db -> updated" it is not the case.
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