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  1. Couldn't tell you now because... wait for it. I uninstalled it. It was just so uninstuative, took ages to find anything (just like windows 10). Abstraction just for the sake of making a new Gui to keep a department in a job.
  2. I have to agree with the original poster, the GUI for v9 is terrible (not even looked at 10), I cannot logically find anything. It seems to be created for the Win10 style rubbish in mind. Everyone know that it takes 8 more clicks in Win10 to get the same job ot takes 2 clicks to do in Win7. I had to remove v9 and reinstall v8. But now I keep getting f'ing annoying messages asking me to upgrade every day or so. I have used Eset Nod32 AV for years and used to advise all my family and freinds to use it (I am also a software developer). But not any more, I simply cannot in good conscience. When my latest subscriptions (approx 50 of them) run out I feel I will be forced to used a different AV. Eset seem to be going down the wrong route for me. Nod32 used to be the gamers AV - fast, lightweight and unobtrusive. Not any more.
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