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  1. In most case it is better to download the install package (.msi) and share it on a webserver. SoftwareInstall task can be created with direct link like: http:\\innnerserver.domain\manualinstall\ees\ees.msi It is not worth to download gigas of data.
  2. Marcos, I left one info, I mean the scanning progress bar, not the update one. Regards András
  3. Hi there In the latest main versions, the progress bar doesn't show the real progress, instead it shows dots, moving from left to right, which doesnt have a meaning for anyone. May I know the reason why the old real progress bar has been changed to this useless one? Regards András
  4. That was the first thing I have done, but I havent found any related info. I will check reports as you suggessted.
  5. Client asked if it is possible. They want to monitor all plugged in device. We can set policies to log all storage devices which was plugged in, but how can an administrator collect such logs?
  6. Hello There are log files on endpoints in the tools menu (eg: device control, web control, hips). How can I get them with ERA? Regards András
  7. Dear Marcos logs are 190MB, how can I share it with you? or do you need a specific part of it?
  8. Hello As you can see on the attachment a file is find in file:///Startup, but where is this located? Regards András
  9. I know, and told him, but it was not enough for him.
  10. Dear MichalJ Client requested such thing from us. The db of era cannot be used, so he set up a new ERA. He doesn't want to download agent and eea for each pc, and want to install it from a local rep. remotely without user interaction. regads András
  11. Hello Is there a way to create local repository for EEA and EES? Regards András
  12. Check "Request filter" based on this: https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/config/host.html Maybe only the old network was to allowed to be served.
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