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  1. Can this be done in Version 6? I really need to see the user's name in the computer view or the product is really not useful for us.
  2. I also am completely unable to install ESET Antivirus via Remote Agent install tasks. They simply never run. Scheduled or ASAP. No reason is given. There is not logging or reporting. I can't even know when ASAP is supposed to occur. All tasks are listed as "Planned." PLANNED FOR WHEN!!!!!
  3. I need to be able to run a .bat or .vbs file as a client task on each of my clients in order to uninstall Sophos and then install ESET. (The AV remover does not work for Sophos, so I have to do it the hard way.) My script works like a champ, but for the life of me I cannot get it to run on my on my clients using the "Run Task" option in RA. What am I doing wrong. The "Run Task" documentation is non-existent, so what do I need to type here? I've tried calling the .bat file (which then creates some server side logging and calls my .vbs), I've tried entering the .bat file's contents, l
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