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  1. Update; the behaviour has returned so is not resolved. Any suggestions are welcome!
  2. This appears to have been caused by the default scheduled task which triggers a file system scan after signature updates. Disabling this task has so far solved the issue.
  3. I upgraded from mail security 4.5 to 6.5 recently. Since then I've noticed the server is thrashing the CPU in the first part of each morning; services.exe and ekrn.exe taking 100 percent between them. At some point it does settle down for the day but while the CPU usage is so high the Outlook clients are predictably slow to retrieve messages. Its a single core Windows and Exchange server 2003 box (yes, I know). Any ideas?
  4. No we don't, users general delete anything suspicious (except for when they blindly open them and start participating in botnets).
  5. Not intentionally jimwillsher; if it is a default setting then this could be happening. Could you point me in the right direction to disable it please?
  6. I Just began rolling out Endpoint 6.5 on my network and pretty quickly ran into what I understand to be known behavior in that after an Outlook client is closed and reopened, Endpoint begins scanning all items in the inbox folder and will not send or receive new items until this has completed. Which is fine for those who have a nice ordered system but terrible for anyone who has a large (10GB) mailbox with most items sat in the inbox folder. It also seems that changes are made to mail items during this scan as when the same user logs onto a different computer that even doesn't have Endpo
  7. Thanks Marcos, was not expecting the latest version to be compatible with our old software, shall into in that upgrade.
  8. Thanks filips, that worked on a test email. Much appreciated.
  9. Working with Mail security for Exchange 4.5 (yes, I know it's old). Trying to set an exception by sender's email address to an attachment blocking rule. Help file suggests the NOT condition can be used but does not provided example as it does with the AND and OR conditions. Have tried: NOT email@address.com NOT "email@address.com" NOT ("email@address.com") but the exception is not triggering and the attachment is still removed as it should be for all other senders. Any clues? Not possible?
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