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  1. Hello, I also got same problem - ACT.0, old licenses working new one not. What can I do?
  2. Hello, thank you, but the higher version there is v9
  3. Hello, please help me - where can I find the EAV or ESS .exe or .msi files with v8 versions? I am looking for French language versions.
  4. I did, they said I got license from other country so they are not able to help - the one and only solution is to buy new one, then they can ensure technical support and this that everything will be fine. I choose button to "don't ask me again" when the update notification come, but anyway ESET activate itself. When I try to activate it in v9, v10 or v11 I got error ACT.34
  5. Hello, I got a license - which I bought abroad, so I am not able to activate it higher version then 8. Now I got Windows 10, and from this what I noticed - ESET activate themselves to the higher version, which I am not able to activate. Is there any options to disable this kind of updates?
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