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  1. again with AMS on, i have several lag issue with mmorpg online gaming, such as click-to-move, any click/command. without it, i'm doing fine. @gijs007 many virus/malware that i've been encountered can add exception to windows firewall, eset firewall help me a lot with this... i think eset firewall is intended to replace windows firewall, with much better security/options. maybe learning mode can help you? sorry for english. thanks.
  2. alo Peter, had testing with various setting... i think this version of ESET7 had some learning capability... now with/without AMS (Advanced memory Scanner), my performance is back... just not like yesterday when ESET7 still learning (probably) and give me low performance... still continue testing, sorry for my english. thanks.
  3. slow performance (cpu usage ekrn.exe) when debugging on : W7SP1 x64, VS2010, ESS normal on : W7SP1 x64, VS2012, ESS 6.0.316.0
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