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  1. Hello Peter, you can count on us in this testing please send the invitation to me too. Thanks!
  2. Hello, when I try to open the configuration (Detection engine > Malware scans) in web GUI I got such an error like that:
  3. Hello, I try to check the ICAP function but I can't find any documentation about the configuration of ICAP in EFSL. I install squid proxy server, configure the connection to ICAP: icap_enable on icap_service service_req reqmod_precache bypass=1 icap:// adaptation_access service_req allow all icap_service service_resp respmod_precache bypass=0 icap:// adaptation_access service_resp allow all But I get an error when I try to open any website: Squid is connected to ICAP:
  4. Hello, after: yum remove efs and reboot I install efs again and now the start of efs end with errors (see attachment).
  5. Hi everyone, as we meet the RC of the EFSL I want to check if everything is working but I have an issue with starting the ICAP remote scanning. The option is enabled in settings but I still got info the I can enable it (see screenshots). On the start of efs demon, I got an error with loading some missing files. Do I need to meet some requirements?
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