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  1. How can I remove devices from a 5-device-licence when I have no access to them? Scenario (real one): When my girlfriend moved in I didn't want her to access my network without proper antivirus protection. So I bought a 5-multi-device-security-licence and added her machines to it. Now she moved out and I want to take back the licence to use it on my own machines and my new girlfriends devices. My old girlfriend doesn't talk to me anymore (which is fine by me). Trouble here is I cannot access her devices and uninstall the eset software, and she can't or won't do it. How to do this? The registration code and password cannot be changed (I wonder why). I cannot uninstall it from her machines. There is no licence management page where I can add or remove devices. If I renew the 5 licences, I seem to be stuck with her covering up a part of them forever. Am I missing something?
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