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  1. Like itman said there has always been public lists. Something that is a + over most others now a days. And why this OP happened is because maybe something was off. Finding the reg entries is just nice to narrow things down more specifically etc. If a reason.... I found them under one of the folders under here -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESET\ESET Security\CurrentVersion\Plugins\
  2. As for the main issue discussion. The pass through of that odd IP backbone stopped happening about the end of last week and started once again going to the normal ESET servers. As part of the other issue I also found a rather nice place in the registry to see the server names and associated IP's that the particular version of the ESET product installed on each machine actually uses so I could more precisely program them in to the firewall and where I can go to look if something ever changes to confirm. Thanks for the help everyone and hopefully it leads to some knowledge gains to further
  3. This part is slightly concerning as it wreaks of following the big monopolies like Microsoft that have decided a persons computer is NOT theirs to control and the programs we pay for are also more important than the owners life instead of acting like invited guests that MUST honestly advertise what they do and do it as the user requests when the option is available; not having an option that makes you think it does something but ignores you and does things behind your back. This basically says that ESET considers themselves to be superior to every user including those that may actually have m
  4. So had a little bit of time to try a couple PC's again. Still going out to same spot and tried dumping all possible DNS caches and pulling from my tertiary DNS provider. What happens is EKRN.exe will check for updates and download - then start processing the updates as normal with IP's in the KB that are already allowed (mainly UM07.eset.com). And then once the progress bar finishes it will attempt the contact to the odd IP and will then say the update failed if it cannot contact (even though I was able to see the files updated via file activity monitor). When I let one PC's EKRN con
  5. I have checked and have not found this IP listed in the usual ports and addresses lists that ESET products use. Please update lists and reply what this IP is being used for. Can not update products as they will fail even though it is still contacting the usual other/previous addresses just fine. Sort of a downer to see the only things reported about this IP right now on google being an IP used for basic abuses. Thanks. On a side note why does ESET try updating automatically after 7 days when I have automatic schedules set to disabled/off. A product should do what I TELL IT TO
  6. So to begin with I am not talking about Auto Update or Live Grid or Parental Control or any other "cloud" connected service that needs to check the most current information online with each page loaded; that I do not use/have turned off on for any particular machine. I would like proper documentation on when EKRN.exe "needs" to connect to online services; as I have not been able to find any information saying WHY it is doing what it is doing, especially being that it needs to send encrypted information that is not told to the user via documentation or even verified 3rd party man-in-the-m
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