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  1. it is not small, forum resize seems small on your screen because it is to large. feel free to klick on it to open screen in full size. or right click, open image in new tab. https://content.invisioncic.com/Meset/monthly_2017_01/esetignorance.png.6e2c1ebfde92493509ab8fc39f71e97c.png out of luck, windows firewall rule evaluation is disabled already. i believe it is not windows problem. it must be eset10 firewall driver. since eset9 works with same setting just fine. back in eset9 have windowsfirewall rule disabled also. would like to use "rule based mode" as i configured
  2. how did you do this? eset showed me v9 is current if i checked for updates. i than needed manually downloaded offline installer of v10 for upgrade.
  3. yes, because i disabled ipv6 connection in router as long eset firewall does not protect this. this is not a adress, that is the configured "eset trusted zone" that i manually have added recently for hopefully allowing local traffic. i removed this. i have no vpc connection. Teredo is ok, but i have disabled now. now my eset adapter view looks same as yours.. with the problem persist. instead my isp gives me ipv6 only. ipv4 is pseudo because dslite tunnel. that is why i need working ipv6 firewall. i have added both rules for testing. see eset ignora
  4. thanks i have checked this adapter screen and it seems to detect any of them just fine. matches with yours shown.
  5. ok, i have found log collector link inside eset support tools. tried to capture this behavior. But i havent got the egui firewall dialog again. But the problem is the ::1 is detected as "unknown device" /"remote host" for every app/service connection no matter. same rule mismatching if run cmd>nslookup eset.com ::1 this happens also for me. with eset 9 on same configuration not. perhaps can i somehow tell eset10 to know ::1 is the localadress zone? because localadress in zones cannot be edited. i tried to capture it. firewall log is full of entries. if more info needed
  6. hello in 2016 i have tried upgrade to eset 10 on windows 8.1 but i had to run av_remove.exe and downgrade to eset v9 because it was incompatible with IPv6 not as local address now we have 2017 and i have upgraded to esetv10 with win10 same issue. removed and installed it clean same issues. ESET 10 blocks itself. ::1 is detected as remotecomputer not in local address. this is wrong. version9 is working fine with same setting. i put exclusions for ::1 in firewall rules. in network block view it says. UNBLOCKED but still "no rule found" and so it
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