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  1. Disabling SD allowed me to update the agent version. Thanks.
  2. Will that allow me to kill the agent process? I'm almost 100% certain that the agent upgrade is failing because the agent process cannot be stopped. These are production servers so if there is a way to kill the process without rebooting that would be best, but I can try disabling SD and rebooting after hours if that's the only way.
  3. Any update on this? I just need an ESET friendly way to manually kill the agent service so I can upgrade these servers. All the methods I've used so far are unsuccessful, as the agent service just restarts immediately. Attempting to set the service to disabled just gets me access denied messages.
  4. My upgrades failed due to an extended power outage that required me to shut down all servers. I tried manually uninstalling the agent though from one guest server and it fails, as the agent service cannot be stopped So I think that may be the root of the problem. How can I force terminate the agent service?
  5. I'll run another Components Upgrade and then upload the trace log. It might be a bit as it stays in a "running" status for quite a bit before it times out and shows failed.
  6. I have several Hyper-V guests running Server 2016 Std that will not upgrade to Agent 7.0.577.0 . They are currently running version 7.0.553.0. I have tried upgrading via "Components Upgrade" from SMC and with a manual installer. The Hyper-V hosts (also Server 2016) and all other computers on my network have upgraded to 7.0.577.0 without a problem. Is there a known issue installing the latest agent on Hyper-V guests?
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