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  1. Hello, My site is blocked by ESET why website are blocked hxxp:// www.updata98.ir i send up to mail to simples and no responed and i made scan and it's only eset block my website please analyze my website and unblock it We removed any post about nod32 and virus,please tell to us why blocking now? Please recheck
  2. Excuse me for this post Forgiveness is possible and fix the block? I sent an email but did not get the answer There is no way out from the black list?
  3. we remove any link and free username password and update offline in our site We're sorry and ask for forgiveness hxxp://updata98.ir/208 hxxp://updata98.ir/200 hxxp://updata98.ir/221 hxxp://updata98.ir/179 hxxp://updata98.ir/1557 our others domain : update98.ir , update98.com please check it
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