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  1. Thanks MartinK The setting for the certificate in use by the server was exactly what was wrong. I updated the server certificate to the one I just created. Restarted the Remote Administrator Server service on the VM and logged in again. I can now create installers with the agent certificate required. Janoo - I wanted to create my own certs because the default certs are too open, I want to limit my certificates to the static IP and hostname of my server.
  2. I am in the process of setting up a new remote administrator server. I currently have a linux server hosting version 6.4 of the Remote Administrator, but have had endless issues trying to upgrade it to 6.5 so I am setting up an Azure VM to host the windows version of Remote Administrator. I am aware that I cannot copy the database over directly, so I am attempting to replicate most of my setup manually. I have setup a certification authority. It is present, and the only one available. I have setup an agent and server ceriticate linked to the authority. At first I tried setting these up wi
  3. Thanks Michael I was following the instructions here: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3670/?intcmp="KBCJ_3668_Linuxupgrade" which states to stop the tomcat7 service. The first time I tried the upgrade, it is possible I did not wait long enough (perhaps put a warning in the instructions that a long wait is required for the database upgrade - when I could not access the system after the normal 10 minutes or so it takes from a restart, I assumed it had failed). I tried a second time after stopping all the services. I see now this is also incorrect. I am unclear on how I can add the server a
  4. Thanks I'd stopped both the ERAagent and ERAserver services, and the tomcat webserver before starting the upgrade, so I don't think so. Possibly did not wait long enough for those services to stop before running the upgrade though.
  5. @wind-e Can you let me know if your upgrade is successful? I had the same error and had to roll our server back to a snapshot taken before the upgrade to get it back online. I left my upgrade running for over 2 hours, and it appeared to have hung, but maybe it was still running... Only have about 300 client computers connecting, but they are scattered across many networks. Haven't had a chance to re-run the update since.
  6. This is unfortunate as my clients that are affected by this issue are using Office 365. I don't have control of the mail server, so cannot install ESET on it. I have temporarily disabled the email scanner, and for four days now, not a single conflict message has been created, whereas prior to that I was getting 1-2 conflict messages per email received, so ESET is definitely the cause. Is there any way to limit the email scanner to only scan specific folders? I could potentially configure each computer to only scan the email folders that are unique to it, so that multiple computers ar
  7. Did you ever resolve this? I am having an issue where these tags are causing conflicts and multiple versions of each email. I am looking for a way to prevent these tags being applied to all messages, but have found nothing yet.
  8. We have multiple users that using Outlook to access the same office 365 mailbox and are getting sync conflict issues and multiple copies of the each message. The ESET scanner is appending an X-esetid tag tothe header of every message as it scans, but we are getting conflict messages where multiple computers are receiving and scanning the same email and adding a different ID tag to the email header. When the message with the changed header is seen by the server, it is causing a conflict message because the emails are no longer identical between all of the computers. The exchange serv
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