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  1. Hello together, this is my first Posting to this Forum I noticed that the report-info that the eMail was scanned by Eset Internet Security under my eMail is not shown correctly anymore. Im from Germany, you see a german report-line in this picture from Outlook. I think this is a porblem of Transformation Format, cause "ü" shown as "?". Outlook ist set to "Westeuropäisch ISO", so my knowledge is, that it must be able to show "ü" correctly. I noticed this problem 3 to 5 Days ago. Before it was shown correctly. Same Problem in Thunderbird. I tried different Transformation Formats, like UTF-8, Westeuropäisch ISO etc. But it doesn't make a change. Could someone help me to unterstand what happend, that the report-line isn't shown correcty anymore?. Thanks for your help. Greetings Martin
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