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  1. Good day I have recently reinstalled the ESET remote administrator on a new server. I have begun pointing the current ERA Agents to the new server as the the old server no longer exists. One of our servers refuses to accept the peer certificate, I get the below message: All our other servers accept the certificates with no issues, I have tried uninstalling the Agent, generating new certificates and it refuses to accept it. I am unable to monitor this server via the ERA, is there perhaps anything else I can try? Thanks
  2. Thanks Marcos I am struggling to find the information on how to do this? The previous link provided by Michal doesn't seem to have this information or I might be a tad blind.
  3. Well that's great... I have just finished this project now and all our ESET clients are no longer pointing to the correct server. So I am assuming that I will need to remove the clients software manually?
  4. Hi Michal Thanks for the reply. I have checked as per your request, this is what I see: There is definitely something configured here, obviously our ESET server, however I am unable to configure anything within it. I also followed the instructions as per the article suggested, unfortunately the same problem persists. I see you mentioned we will need to remove the old policies from the clients, how does one go about doing that?
  5. How does one implement the supported methods? As we have GPO in place however not SCCM. We do have SCCM planned but it will not be implemented anytime soosn. Is there perhaps instructions somewhere where I can do this? No I haven't performed an upgrade, is there perhaps documentation on that? PS: I am the junior (I don't have the greatest knowledge) at my company and was given this to rectify, unfortunately no one here knows how it works, so I have been trying to figure out. I have fiddled with the admin console quite a bit but there are a lot of settings which I am unsure of.
  6. We had a server that the ESET Administration software was installed on. There was recently a critical issue on it, theVM needed to be rebuilt, we used the existing vhd drives the VM used previously therefore nothing was changed (Server FQDN and IP address remain the same) I am now having a problem where I am unable to activate the ESET endpoint security software (new installed versions and already existing ESET installations) , it either hangs on the product activation screen or fail (Error code: ECP.4098) such as below: What could be the problem?
  7. Let me explain our current situation: We previously had a server set up solely for ESET, there were problems with it which led to the server crashing and we lost the era_db and nothing was recoverable. We had many computers and servers with ESET installed that have now deactivated themselves, I am assuming due to the server being down ESET deactivated itself . Starting from scratch we had rebuild the server (we used a new IP address and name as the previous details were now being used for another server). This left the ESET administrator agents pointing to a server that no longer exi
  8. Hi Marcos All of our servers are VMs. Most of our servers are VMs and most of them have one network adapter. Thus there is no way the MAC address could have changed. Kind regards
  9. Good day A few of our servers keep deactivating their ESET licenses thus the UI reads the product is not active. It can happen multiple times to the same server. Yet when I got to ela web page I can see the machine is yellow. Reactivating it will use another license and after a while it will deactivate again. These seems to happen on our client machines as well. This is quite worry some as it is happening all over our environment, some work with no issues other hang, after a restart the same problem persists. This is becoming critical as our some of most c
  10. Good day all The employee responsible for managing ESET at our establishment has left our company and I have logged onto the ESET administrator console is a complete mess. Furthermore we have a small dedicated server for the ESET administrator console but the server was rebuilt a few months back due to OS corruption and was not backed up thus some of the variables have changed. Some of our ESET Agents on our client machines are still pointing to the old server details thus they are not showing up on the Administrative console. We are now in a position that half of our client machine
  11. Thanks for the information I will definitely look into this.
  12. Hi itman Yes but few and far between. No we are not using AppContianer. Hi James Apologies for the delay, was working hard to squash this malware. I would like to send you a huge thanks. It seems your scripts have worked. A lot of our server VM's had the EternalBlue exploit thus the malware spread rapidly. All our VM's have been patched and the script has been cleared off our environment, everything appears to have stabilized. I will continue to monitor the situation to ensure nothing rears it's ugly head again. Unfortunately we are unable to close port 3
  13. Hi James Files have successfully uploaded. I feel more comfortable with the a secure location to share the files. Let me know if you require anything else from my side. Appreciate the help! EDIT: We have already contacted a security specialist who has taken a copy of one of our VM's and will be running a few tests in his lab. I would prefer that we leave no stone unturned.
  14. Hi JamesR Thank you very much for your response to the matter. I completed the aforementioned as per your request. Unfortunately I am unable to upload the file on this forum as it states that .7z is not an accepted format. It only accepts .rar, may I use winrar? Kind regards
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