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  1. I have both android and Apple computers (HP laptop, iPads, MacBook air, and iMac). I use ESET on all these devices. Is it possible for me to use ESET on my iPhones?? Thanks for any info you can provide. BJW0945.
  2. Several days ago I began receiving Microsoft popup messages indicating error 268D3 was on board my system. I was instructed to call (844) 526-1405 and have the problem resolved over the phone". There was also a reference to "Microsoft.com-206.info". I did an Eset scan. Nothing resulted and I took no further action. This morning, I began receiving verbal and popup messages stating that if I didn't call the number to resolve the issue, my pc would be locked out of the "network". I went online to Microsoft's support page and searched for error 268d3, which revealed quite a few postings regarding this issue. I placed the call, but felt uneasy since the party on the other end (obviously in a crowed room with other operators - offshore) wanted me to give her access to my pc. When I asked why, she disconnected the call. I re-scanned the pc and also looked at the log. Apparently ESET found the problem on 10/17/16. I've attached a copy of the posting. There were no other postings. Please advise. Your help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. BJW> ESET Log.txt
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