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  1. Check it out! hxxp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?SID=epjvXFbEEeOOIc7YjoC7kwOLe6_WV6p3_Q8Q_0_0&AID=10440897&PID=1225267&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-cables-_-na-_-na&Item=N82E16832114048&cm_sp=
  2. Thanks for the help guys! So even if a in-depth scan came out to 1 minute 19 seconds that would be ok?
  3. If I do an in-depth scan I still seem to be having this problem? I wonder what it could be.
  4. Hello, I found a deal on Newegg where they offer a copy of Nod32 free after $40 rebate and $20 promo code, it is an amazing deal but I still have a lot of time on my current license. Does anyone know how long this boxed copy license would be good for before it expires? If I were to redeem the code in 3 years from now would it still work? Thank you.
  5. Hello, recently my smart scans have been finishing in 1/3 to 1/2 the time that they usually take, and the weird thing is my hard drive is closer to capacity than before. Does anyone know what may be causing this or if this is normal? Could some one please look at my log to see if everything is in order? I have attached a smart scan log to this message, please rename the file from .txt to .rar in order for it to work. LogLogLag2.txt
  6. Hello, check out this deal I found on slickdeals.net hxxp://slickdeals.net/permadeal/101744/newegg-eset-nod32-antivirus-6-3-pcs Newegg is offering a $40 rebate and $20 promo code, after all is said and done that is a free copy of Nod32 V.6 ! Enjoy
  7. Thank you. Here is the file, originally a rar. LogLogLag2.txt
  8. I tried, it still give me the message that I am not allowed to upload that type of file
  9. Ok I think I got it to work this time, but the text file is 25.2mb, too big to upload on here? Any ideas? Edit: Just compressed it to a rar, it went down to 1.5mb but now it says I'm not allowed to upload this type of file?
  10. Just realized its doing it again, this isn't the right log? I followed the instructions Peter posted above?
  11. Woops my mistake, Marcos must of thought I was trolling him lol Here ya go, LogLogLag.txt
  12. Hello, I have attached my log file, does anyone know if it looks normal? Thank you. Log1.txt
  13. Just realized my C:/ drive keeps periodically jumping between having 15 GB free space and 1.5 GB free space, I wonder if this has something to do with it,
  14. Just did the scan again, here is a screen shot. Looks like the time went up to about four and a half minutes. When I clicked setup, under "Objects" I check marked "Email Files" and under "Other" I checkmarked "Preserve Last Access Timestamp", everything else was already checkmarked. I looked at an old scan I had from a month ago and it took 10 minutes 51 seconds to scan 276152 files. I wonder if some sort of windows file is throwing this off, maybe a paging file? Have a good night.
  15. Not sure if you can see it alright in these screens but everything is check marked except for the thing on the very bottom for both hxxp://i.imgur.com/J36tKTZ.jpg hxxp://i.imgur.com/V6IRxTN.jpg Social Permissions is not check marked for neither Allow or Deny
  16. More screens, thanks again for the help hxxp://i.imgur.com/iUWmFz4.jpg hxxp://i.imgur.com/vwj3lWB.jpg
  17. Here are the screens, hxxp://i.imgur.com/4ZZTbxe.jpg hxxp://i.imgur.com/C8y7BWQ.jpg
  18. It shows 2 folders titled "Windows" they are located in C:/ - I tried doing a deep scan, I also tried doing a custom scan where I check marked everything, I am beginning to think I have a virus.
  19. Thank you for the help everyone. I just installed Nod32 on my laptop, it was working fine, and then after installing the latest patch it now mimics the same problem that my desktop is having where the scan went from being 20 minutes to about 40 seconds. Is there something wrong with this latest update?
  20. Thank you for the response. How do I enable logging of all files? I did a Google search and nothing came up. Do I go Setup --> Enter Advanced Setup --> Tools --> Log Files -> Change "minimum logging verbosity" to "diagnostic"?
  21. I was using the feature "smart scan" which never had this problem before. I tried doing a custom scan and checked all of the boxes but I am having the same problem
  22. Thank you for the help. I created an imgur album of the entire log, it is 6 screen shots. hxxp://imgur.com/a/4iv75 I keep seeing "amd" in some of these log entries but I am using an Intel CPU, and a Nvidia GFX card I have no idea why AMD is showing up?
  23. The problem is the virus scan finishes in 44 seconds, it normally takes about 10 - 15 minutes, so I have a feeling that it is not actually scanning? Thank you for the reply.
  24. My virus scan wont work, it give me an error message every time I try to scan. Does this mean there is a virus on my computer? Here is a screen of the error message. hxxp://i.imgur.com/ApOreGT.jpg?1 Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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