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  1. "Amen" there SweX, and again tyvm for your prompt responses. If I may ask a question?, On my captures the "GUI" I notice is a lot different = is that by design meaning the training mode, social media scanner, and 1 other I believe or has it been reconfigured in different area of program? I will go re-read version 7 av beta and see if I can answer my own question but don't recall seeing anything bout. TY again SweX. PE@CE*
  2. TY, SweX as I was reading upon after posting captures as was asked by support. I see that a few are stating just "tic the ask b4 updating component updates and reboot = well I did such and still same issues. TY again SweX and I'm sure Eset will get this nailed down.
  3. TY, Marcos as that is exactly where my next post/reply was, in regards to this glitch of updates continuing after siggys were updated and or after 1hr check up then sticks also. 1st boot-up = DID NOT stick but after reboot and auto 1st scan = from there on this issue has been in affect since. Following and willing to help anyway possible.
  4. Just off phone support and can confirm never ending loop of updating for version not sig as it looks here, the gentleman had me check as b4 updating components = was already defaulted, had me tick "Pre-Release" updates = still spinning for updates. After having me tick for pre-release updates I now have letters at end of sig db guessing from fresh module updates? If anyone can lead me in proper direction to figure out this never ending cycle I'd be very happy to get the wife off my back for updating to ver. 7av beta. I am reading and looking but to no avail, hopefully not missing anything tha
  5. Tyvm Marcos as I found it "QUITE" peculiar myself that Microsoft was telling me to ditch "ESET" for their own Microsoft Essentials but they sure enough did, but to update and you can close this topic if want, I have upgraded to beta version 7 in order to get emails scanned with verification of in and out emails via wlmail 2012 vers 16. Confirmed emails are being scanned and the "PLUG-IN" isn't embedded within wlmail either but it def scanning emails as vers 6 WASN'T. Hope this helps out others that are asking similar questions, again Marcos I agree with your analization of "M" so called tactic
  6. jadinolf jadinolf Group: Members Posts: 8 Kudos: 0 Joined: 02-June 13 Posted 20 July 2013 - 12:45 AM One feature I would really like to see is a scan when the screensaver is activated. My previous internet security program had that feature and I really liked it. From personal experience, more malware was found during screensaver scan than any other method Hello "Jad" fyi as I don't believe anyone informed you on your post on wants for a computer scan when screen saver activates = in version 6.0.316 there is EXACTLY that option under advanced option and then realtime
  7. After doing some in depth reading and calling Eset and Microsoft for that matter, I am in a difficult situation here as we just upgraded "os" to win 7 x32 and to my surprise I JUST noticed today that email ISN'T being scanned, ok I did see that vers 6 of av doesn't support such scanning in vers 16 of 2012 wlmail. My question is such, is there some sort of plug-in to scan email? an alternative to staying clean without emails being scanned? Highly doubtful, LOL Microsoft tried telling me to ditch NOD32AV and use their free Microsoft Essentials "Free of charge" and I said NO WAY IN H{LL, so anyon
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