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  1. Yes but But the icon is always present in the bar.. No doubt can not we do otherwise ^^
  2. Ok thank's but I did this but I can not remove the icon from the Dock, it goes back up directly .. Well I do not know if it's possible of course, maybe not ^^
  3. Hello Everyone , My name is Domenico belongs from Brussels, Belgium. Actually I joined this prestigious Forum site just to share my issues, questions or suggestions related to Softwares, Malware , Internet Security or Antivirus etc. Currently I'm looking for a job.. Thanks to be a new member of this forum. Best regards to all.
  4. Hello everybody ; I would like to ask you a question following the installation of this software: Is it possible to remove the Finder icon without stopping the program? I do not understand why this icon is there and active since it is also in the top bar like most programs .. P.S : The icon I changed, it is not the original one A very big thank you for your answers and help..
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