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  1. OK. But is there a way to find the encryption method ? I've notice that some of my mp3 of videos files can still be played with vlc with a few errors. A friend told me that if the files was really encrypted, I could'nt play them with vlc. Is it possible that the virus has only mixed the contents of the files by following a certain algorithm? So if someone can compare with a normal or hexadecimal text editor an encrypted version of a file and its unencrypted version and can determine a way to restore them?
  2. Hello. Hope you are fine. I was victim of a ransomware called cerber At one point I noticed the slowing down of my machine. Then I restarted it, thus interrupting the process. Always it is that it has succeeded to encrypt a good part of my data in form [random alphanum].b01e. My question: Is there a way to reverse the process? Decrypt my data. If not, is there a way to bruteforce the encryption ? I know it can take a while but it's important.
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